Send to WP7

Send to Windows Phone (previously Chrome to Windows Phone) is a great way to quickly send links to your Windows Phone 7 from your favorite web browser. Send To WP7 Desktop lets you quickly send documents and photos directly to your phone using a variety of transfer methods to suit your needs.Once Send to WP7 is configured, a button is available inside your web browser which lets you quickly send three pieces of information (URL, Page Title, Selected Text) to the phone. Great examples include sending an address, phone number or directions or even a message you’ve typed up on the computer but would like to send via SMS.In order to get started, you’ll need a phone running Windows Phone 7, and a supported web browser. Supported browsers include Microsoft Internet Explorer 8-11, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.

Download Send to WP7

Search for ‘Send to WP7′ in the Windows Phone marketplace on your Windows Phone, or View Send to WP7 in the Zune application.

Find your pairing code

The pairing code is shown on the Settings page.  The settings page is accessible via touching on the AppBar, then selecting settings.

Once you’ve found your pair code, enter it below:  (If you’re using Google Chrome, or Opera, skip to installing the extension below)

Pair Code:

Configure your browser

Google Chrome:  Download Chrome extension (then follow these directions)
Opera:  Download Opera extension
Enter your pairing code first for Internet Explorer, Firefox and other browsers.

Get the Windows 7/8+ desktop app

Send files and documents from your PC effortlessly.
Install Send To WP7 Desktop


Microsoft Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox (Bookmarklet)

Google Chrome


Windows Phone 7 app

Windows 7 Desktop app (Alpha)