BTProximity is an application for Windows Vista and Windows 7 that can detect when your bluetooth-enabled phone has come into range, and unlock your computer.  When the device moves out of range, the computer is automatically locked.  This isn’t a fake lock window, the desktop is actually locked the same as if you pressed Win+L.

BTProximity is donationware, if you like it, please donate!

Download (Windows 7/8 – x86 and x64)

BTPrximity is no longer for download.


- The device needs to be paired with Windows first, then it will show up in the devices list.

- Be sure to install the unlock component if you’d like to automatically unlock.

- Be sure to set the credentials to unlock.

- Setting the check interval too high may lead to poor battery life.

- “Faster Unlock” will unlock as soon as the device has been seen, without an additional check.

- Domain logon is not supported, only a local user account may be authenticated.