GVAutoResponder will no longer receive software updates

This mail went out to all GVAutoResponder users today.

From: David Amenta
Subject: GVAutoResponder will no longer receive software updates

Dear GVAutoResponder user,

I no longer have the bandwidth to properly support this product, so effective immediately GVAutoResponder is discontinued and will not receive any future updates.  The software will continue to work as-is indefinitely, until Google makes an API change which breaks the software.  When a breaking Google Voice API change occurs, I will not issue an update to resolve it.  Please understand that the support burden for maintaining this software far outweighs the value it generates for me, and this burden is in direct odds with my professional duties and goals.  I’ve done my best to respond swiftly as the API surface this software is built on has changed over the years, but no longer can I commit to that level of support.

Please work to ensure that you are not interrupted at that time.  I recommend http://www.twilio.com/ which has low rates on sending SMS messages, and similar software can be built cheaply on their platform.  For those that push Google Voice to the limit, a full API will be a breath of fresh air.

Thank you, I truly apologize for the inconvenience this causes you.


May 9, 2013