LED Flashlight for Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 is a fantastic platform, but for me there was one feature I just could not live without – the LED flashlight that I loved so much from iPhone 4.  The API in the Windows Phone 7 SDK does not allow one to interface with the LED, nor does it allow you to interface with the Camera.  I was able, however, to enable a functional flashlight by utilizing the APIs inside Microsoft.Phone.Media.Extended.

This app simply turns on the video camera, and the flash, but does not show the video, or save it to your Zune library.  The unfortunate limitation of this is that you’ll hear a chirp sound when you turn the LED on.  I can live with this, since the functionality gained outweighs the quirks.

I posted about this on XDA, but this version does NOT leak videos.  Upon starting up, all videos in the IsolatedStorage for this application are removed, your phone won’t fill up with leaked videos, but the versions on XDA will.

Download LED Flashlight for Windows Phone 7.  A developer-unlocked or otherwise “Homebrew enabled” Windows Phone is required.  The app is very simple, but here’s the source code anyway.

January 12, 2011