Change Accent colors on Windows Phone 7 Samsung, LG, HTC devices

After seeing this thread at XDA, I’ve put together a quick accent color changer for Samsung (and now HTC and LG) devices running Windows Phone 7.

The app simply lets you edit the name and color value for all 10 of the installed accent colors. Simply edit the color, and then switch your theme in the Settings app for the changes to take effect. There’s a button to reset the theme to default.

You can download the XAP which will work on any Samsung, LG or HTC Windows Phone 7 that is developer unlocked.  The source code may also be downloaded.

Update: I’ve added the ability to restore default colors.
Update: I’ve added support for LG and HTC!
Update: Some people are reporting that HTC doesn’t work, but I haven’t made changes since it was confirmed working, and I don’t have a device to test.

January 15, 2011