Chrome to Windows Phone 7

I’ve just submitted my second app, Chrome to WP7 to the Windows Phone marketplace.  The app has a very simple purpose, to give you the ability to quickly send links and selected text from within the Chrome browser, to your Windows Phone.

The Chrome extension may be downloaded here.

Chrome to WP7 is in the marketplace!

Chrome to WP7 works similarly to Chrome to Phone for Android.  A push notification is sent to the phone, which will show up as a toast, and upon opening the app, a list of your most recent links and text are available, regardless of whether or not the push notification succeeded.  From within the app, you may email the Title/URL/Text, or open the link.

Update! Now supporting Firefox, IE8/9, Safari and Opera.


Screenshots (Phone)

Chrome to WP7 is free.

November 19, 2010