Pandora One Media Keys – Enable them!

I really enjoy Pandora – and I recently bought the upgrade to Pandora One, since I listen to it at work most of the day.  Aside from the player being AIR-based, my only gripe is the lack of media key support.  I’ve put together a simple application that runs in the background, redirecting media key input to the Pandora One player.

  • .NET 2.0 – Windows 2000 to Windows 7
  • Only the Next and PlayPause keys are mapped.  The attached source code includes Like and Dislike as well.
  • if the player is minimized, it will be restored, so you’ll want to keep the player behind your other windows.
  • The player needs to be in the now playing state, if you’re at the list of stations, the keys won’t work.
  • If you’d like to run the program at startup, create a shortcut and place it in your Startup folder, on the start menu.

Download Pandora One Media Keys.  This is a tiny project, so I’m sharing the relevant parts of the source code if you’d like to do something other than map the Next and PlayPause keys.

If this app is useful to you, please donate. :)

June 27, 2010