GVNotifier brings Google Voice SMS to the desktop

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This is an old version, get the latest GVNotifier here.

This project is superseding the DigsbyGV project.  GVNotifier brings Google Voice services to the desktop in the form of a notification app.

GVNotifier.net supports one-click calling right from the SMS window.

Click the tray icon to display your personalized favorite list.  Contacts are placed on this list if they appear in the inbox.

Send messages to users not in the recent list.


GVNotifier requires the .NET Framework 3.5 and Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7.  Aero recommended.

GVNotifier.net 1.0 [ClickOnce Install]

Update: 11/19/09 (Build 20)

– A bug that prevented the ‘call’ button from working has been fixed.

Update 11/20/09 (Build 50)

– Fixed a bug loading contacts without names.

– Fixed a UI animation bug.

– Included dialog to send a message to any number.

– Fixed ‘Check for updates’ in About dialog.

– Added option to check for new SMS messages by middle-clicking the tray icon, or selecting the menu option.

– Smooth loading of contact list.

Update 11/21/09 (Build 52)

– ClickOnce installer now manages updates.

– Possible fix for sending SMS on certain GV accounts.

Update 11/22/09

– If you’re having trouble sending SMS and would be willing to let me log into your account so I can figure out why, please let me know!  Several users have reported being unable to send SMS.  I’m unable to reproduce the problem with any of my accounts.

Update 11/25/09 (Build 70)

– Fixed an issue that was causing HTTP 500 errors for some users.  Try using –mobile if it still isn’t working.

Update 11/26/09 (Build 80)

– Fixed some possible issues with logging in.  If you were unable to login (RNR_SE is missing, Invalid User/Pass), get the update and try again.  Restart twice to get the updater to launch.

November 18, 2009