HowTo: Google Voice SMS in Digsby with DigsbyGV 1.1

October 23, 2009 by

This product has been deprecated, Use instead.

Start by downloading DigsbyGV 1.1, and unpacking the ZIP archive.

Unpack the DigsbyGV files to a directory with read/write permissions. A good place is the My Documents folder.

Double-click DigsbyGV.exe to start DigsbyGV for the first time. DigsbyGV will register itself the first time it is run.

After DigsbyGV has obtained it’s registration file, it won’t attempt to register again.

The configuration file is validated, and a message is shown if errors are present.

These errors will be corrected after selecting OK.

Enter your Google Voice account details.

  • Username:  Your Google Voice username (, etc).
  • Password: Your Google Account password
  • Callback Number:  The number which Google Voice will call when selecting to call a contact.  This number must exist in Google Voice as a phone on your account.

Click Test Account to check if the settings are correct.

Select XMPP Server to configure the Connection from Digsby.  The password must be configured manually, no default password is present.  This is the password which will be used when connecting from Digsby.

Save by clicking OK or Apply.  Upon doing so, Google Voice will begin connecting, and XMPP connections will be allowed.

DigsbyGV will remain in the notification area, the icon may be hidden by selecting Hide Icon from the right-click menu.

Add the DigsbyGV XMPP account in Digsby

Create a new account in Digsby, press Ctrl + P to access the Preferences menu.

Create a new IM account with the type Jabber.

The Jabber ID is always voice@localhost.  The password is configured in the XMPP Server tab of DigsbyGV.  Advanced settings do not need to be changed.

Once the Jabber connection connects to DigsbyGV, contacts will be placed in the Google Voice group.  Note: it may take a minute or more to authenticate with Google Voice for the first time.

If a friendly name is configured within Google Voice, it will be shown on the contact list.  Selecting the Website link will connect a call between the selected user, and your callback number.

SMS Messages, and Voicemail transcripts will be sent as detected.  Note:  Messages will only be shown if detected while DigsbyGV is running.  SMS Messages and Voicemail messages received while DigsbyGV is not running will not be shown.